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Individual Tax Checklist

Please bring the following information to our first meeting:

General Information

  • Social security number of any new dependents in the current tax year
  • Estimated payments — date of payment and amount
  • Current e-mail address
  • Direct Deposit:
    • Bank Name
    • Bank Routing transit number
    • Account number
    • Type of account (checking/savings)
  • IRA contribution (traditional/Roth)


  • W-2 Wage Statements
  • 1099’s – Interest from banks or self-employment income
  • Alimony (if recently divorced – divorce settlement papers)
  • Refunds from state departments of revenue (i.e., Arizona refund)
  • Capital gain – from mutual funds
  • Any pension distributions
  • Rental income
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Social Security benefits
  • Information on any sale:
    • Sale price
    • Date of purchase
    • Date of sale
    • Acquisition price
    • Improvements – if on a piece of rental property
  • All income is subject to taxes. The above is a list of the most common sources of income.


  • Medical expenses
  • Medical mileage
  • Nursing home costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • State taxes paid in current tax year for prior years
  • Real estate taxes
  • Personal property taxes (in Arizona, that is your car license)
  • Home mortgage interest
  • Charitable gifts, both cash and non-cash
  • Cost of prior year tax preparation and accounting paid current tax year
  • Employee expenses – travel between jobs, professional dues, education, etc.
  • Investment expenses, safe deposit box, investment magazines
  • If you have your own business, any business expenses:
    • Advertising
    • Car expenses
    • Total miles driven
    • Business miles driven
    • Commute miles
    • Actual expenses: repairs, gasoline, service, license plate tags, etc.
    • Year and make of car
    • Commissions and fees
    • Furniture and Equipment purchases (also need dates purchased)
    • Business insurance
    • Rent (paid for business space) – Did you remember to issue a Form 1099 to the landlord?
    • Legal and professional services
    • Office expenses: utilities, cleaning service, telephone
    • Supplies: paper, pens, computer cartridges, etc.
    • Travel
    • Meals and entertainment
    • Other expenses (example: long distance telephone calls)
    • Retirement contribution
    • Medical Savings Plan contribution
  • Rental expenses from homes or other property that you rent to someone else.
  • Teaching supplies, if you are an educator
  • The above list is not exhaustive. Generally, deductions are allowed if used to produce income.

Other Miscellaneous Items

  • Please bring mortgage documents if you have purchased, sold or refinanced your home in the current tax year