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"What I see in my firm — our firm — is dedication to offering value. Our clients get accurate books, timely compilations , tax-efficient planning, personalized service, and a consistent, responsive accounting and administration staff.

These services should not be difficult to offer at reasonable accounting rates, and yet, I have found through my personal employment experience and the horror stories of our new clients that this just isn’t the case.

Do you ever wonder what some accounting firms include in their billing? As an accounting firm employee, I was often asked to charge clients for the time that was spent while searching for their phone numbers and files, or for even re-doing year-end adjusting entries. In our firm, we know that all of these billings are unnecessary with efficient databases, current filing systems, and regimented year-end entries.

We have had new clients come to us who were frustrated by months of time delays on their compilation reports and had left their previous CPAs in a state of distress. In one of these cases, our firm was able to complete five delinquent compilations and a current report; all in the same amount of time that their previous CPA was able to complete only one compilation. We continue to achieve these type of results because we utilize the best technology, along with efficient administration.

As an employee of other CPA firms, I was often frustrated by the inefficiencies that occur in the accounting industry. I began this business part-time in 1995 with the knowledge that contemporary databases, current filing systems, and the establishment of long-term relationships with clients and employees came naturally to me. During the days of operating the business as a team of one, the firm of DeKraker & Winkler, CPA, catered to 1040 returns and basic bookkeeping support. Every year our practice grew — our professional team was formed around these concepts.

Our clients now include multi-million dollar entities, multi-state corporations, and affluent individuals. Our estate tax department has been nationally recognized, and our foundation and goals remain the same — efficient and effective accounting services and long-term productive relationships with our clients and employees."

–Jean DeKraker

Our Value Statement

We value excellence and efficiency both in our product and services; mutual respect between our firm and others; profit for our clients and our firm; as well as, integrity, loyalty, personal responsibility, and creative thinking in our clients and our employees. Our mission, with the framework of our values, is to develop long-term relationships by focusing on the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Our objective, for our clients, is to provide intelligent accounting and tax solutions for each and every individual or entity. Our expertise and experience leads us to educate our clients to utilize technology to perform traditional accounting. We seek to reduce our clients’ taxes, create comprehensive fiscal plans to facilitate and assist our clients’ growth, and implement these plans at the appropriate benchmark.